King's Indian Defense For Black - Part 3

new courses Apr 03, 2022
We've just released the anticipated "King's Indian Defense For Black - Part 3"! This is the final part and GM Josh Friedel goes over the Main Lines!
With this Black repertoire against 1.d4 you can be sure to avoid opening traps and bad positions. In fact if you study this full course and understand King's Indian Defense, you can aim for initiative and attack in many variations.
In Part 3, GM Friedel covers these 4 important Main Lines:
  • Lesson 1: Main Line Bayonet Attack (9. b4)
  • Lesson 2: Main Line (9. Nd2)
  • Lesson 3: Main Line (9. Ne1 and 10. Be3)
  • Lesson 4: Main Line (9. Ne1 without Be3)


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