New Course "King's Indian Defense For Black - Part 1" by GM Josh Friedel

new courses Dec 26, 2021
King's Indian Defense For Black
Hey guys!
I'm wishing you Happy Holidays and sharing with you some exciting news about our New Course!
One of our missions at LimitlessChess is to have ALL openings for White and Black. We are adding new openings every month and building a Lifetime Repertoire for chess players of all levels.
I've been asked countless times to record the King's Indian Defense for Black and I was looking for a Grandmaster who has extensive experience with a KID. Luckily we have GM Josh Friedel, who has deep knowledge in King's Indian Defense. GM Friedel's research is up to date with novelties and hidden ideas. If you've ever wanted to play King's Indian Defense this course will help you start and become an expert in it.
We present to you: "King's Indian Defense For Black - Part 1".
Here are the lessons:
Lesson 1: Early h4-h5 Systems
Lesson 2: Four Pawns Attack
Lesson 3: Saemisch
Lesson 4: Early Bg5 Systems
Lesson 5: 2.Nf3 and 3.Nbd2, 3.Nc3
Lesson 6: London and Torre Attack
Lesson 7: Bd3-Nge2 and Early Nge2 Setups
Lesson 8: Fianchetto
This is just the Part 1 of The King's Indian Defense. GM Josh Friedel is working on Part 2 and we will upload it as soon as it's ready.
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For all of our current members we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate your support!
Your coach,
GM Mesgen Amanov